America Group is the username of a group of just over twenty people who got summoned from Earth by the Blighted King and his mages.

All members received the [Hero] Class.

Background Edit

Originally consisting of around fifty random people, the America Group was hailed as a group of heroes prophesied to save the Blighted Kingdom from the monsters and demons of Rhir. Their first foray to a lightly-contested area, meant to give them experience, instead taught them the harshness of the new world when over a third of them died to an ambush from Demons and monsters.

After noticing the surviving group's in-capabilities, the Blighted King sent them to a village close the Fourth Wall, hoping that they would level up quickly. Only nine of them have since actively fought monsters and Demons, the rest taking on non-combat jobs to help out the village. However, all of those who refused to go out and fight (excepting Thomas) have long since lost their [Hero] class.

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The group seems to be quite strong, as one member revealed to already be level 26 in his class. This seems to be the effect of their [Hero] Class, which apparently allows them to level much faster than other people from Earth, who already level much faster compared to the original inhabitants of the other World.


  • [Knight] Lv. 26
  • [Clown] Lv. 24
  • [Hydromancer] Lv. 21
  • [Assassin]
  • [Pyromancer]
  • [Beast Tamer]
  • [Tactician]
  • [Fist Fighter]
  • [Thief]
  • [Hero]


  • [America Group] = "I am a Level 26 [Knight]. Others with me are [Assassin], [Pyromancer], [Beast Tamer], [Tactician], [Fist Fighter], etc…and one [Clown]."

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