Ceria Springwalker is a sixty five year old half-elf that belongs to the silver ranking adventurer group Horns of Hammerad.

Appearance Edit

As a half-elf, Ceria appears human, but with pointed ears, pale yellow eyes, and a paler and subtly vibrant skin.

Ceria lost all the skin down past her wrist on her right hand. What is left was just white bone. The parts that did connect to the half-elf’s healthy arm were blackened, almost like frostbite.[1]

In her first official appearance, Ceria was wearing a dark blue set of robes embroidered with golden glowing sigils around the hem and edges of the cloth.[2]

Personality Edit

Bio Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ceria can cast Tier 3 magic at best. It is possible for her to use Tier 4 spells, but she’d need a spellbook and weeks—maybe months to learn the spell at her level.[3] Ceria has manged to learn over 50 spells, but mostly uses [Ice Spike] as her Wand contains the spell, which allows her to cast it much faster than her other ones.[4]

She discovered that she can cast with her skeletal hand simultaneously the [Ice Shard] spell among each finger.[5]

Being a Half-Elf, Ceria is able to channel mana better than the other races can.[6]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Elementalist] Lv. ? (Above 18) (derived from [Mage])
    • ((past level, though the only known one),[7] (Indicated to have been above 20,[8] should have leveled after the fight in Liscors' ruins, as Olesm did,[9] and leveled up "several times" now after having left the Ruins of Albez)[10]

Skills: Edit

  • [Dangersense]

Spells: Edit

Tier 0: Edit

  • [Light]
  • [Noise]

Tier 1: Edit

  • [Frozen Wind]

Tier 2: Edit

  • [Chameleon]
  • [Flame Jet]
  • [Ice Shard] (a derivative spell from [Ice Spike])
  • [Illumination] (advanced version of the [Light]/ (very mana consuming), she needs a mana potion after casting it)
  • [Stone Dart] (able to cast more than 20 in a row before runnign out of mana)[11]

Tier 3: Edit

  • [Detect Magic]
  • [Fireball] (can only cast it with a wand)[12]
  • [Ice Spike]
  • [Icy Floor]
  • [Stone Fist]

Tier 4: Edit

Unknown Tier: Edit

  • [Flashfire]
  • [Frost Arrows]
  • [Ice Dart]
  • [Icy Grasp]
  • [Lesser Resistance to Ice]
  • [Message]
  • [Ray of Frost]
  • [Snowy Blast]
  • [Translate]

Equipment: Edit

  • Everfreeze Ice Ring
  • Gazereye Stone Wand

Trivia Edit

  • 14 years ago, when Ceria was around 51, she started working as an adventurer.[13]
  • She loves raw. She loves climbing into trees and stealing them out of nests.
  • She was 58 years old, when she started attending Wistram Academy.
  • The System allowed Ceria to immediately learn [Fireball], when she reached Level 18 in her [Elementalist] class.[14]
  • [Stone Dart], [Flame Jet], and [Chameleon] are spells she’d taught herself.
  • She was not on the continent during the Antinium Wars.[15]
  • Ceria has less classes than Pisces, who possesses at least six ones.[16]
  • Her robes cost her nearly a hundred and twenty gold coins – something she had to save up for years to buy, while her Wand was half as expensive as that.[17]
  • There is small bounty of her as a child, at a certain city in Terandria for theft, property damage and something else.[18]
  • Ceria had never seen a Gnoll in person until she travelled to Izril.[19]
  • Strangely enough, Ceria swears by plants. Its is not known, though, if that is the norm for Half-Elves. (Example:What in the name of tree fungus is going on?[20]/Pisces, for the love of leaves, shut up!)
  • Ceria had been following Illphres for four months until she accepted her as a student. [21]
  • Tired of having eaten leaves regularly for breakfast, Ceria strongly refrains from eating any again for the rest of her life.[22]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Erin) “No one has seen an Elf for thousands of years. They all died long ago.”
  • (To Gerial) “Well, I get it. Bugs aren’t my favorite thing to eat either.”
  • (To Erin) “We’ve been drinking that? Are you insane?
  • (To Erin) “You Human—no, you’re insane. Pardon me Erin, but you are.”
  • (To Erin) “Erin. You um, don’t seem like you’re too normal.”
  • (To Pisces) “Fat chance. And stop stealing food or Erin will hurt you. And if she doesn’t do it, I will.”
  • (To Erin) “Thanks, Erin. Stay safe.”
  • (To the Horns of Hammerad) “It’s not even as if there’s anything to cheer about. We’re leaving.
  • (To Pisces about Erin) “That doesn’t change how she feels. She likes Goblins. How do you think she feels about killing her pet skeleton?”
  • (To Erin) “For you, Erin? Yes, you can have this…door.”
  • (To Illphres) “Real mages help each other. We don’t abandon each other.”
  • (To Illphres) “When the day comes, I’ll be waiting for you outside the doors. So make sure you finish the battle quickly, okay? I don’t feel like waiting long.”
  • (To Erin) “Just because I’m a half-Elf, doesn’t mean I…well, I do, but why do you always turn to me to—”
  • (To Fortress Beaver) “Hey you! Yeah, you! Piss off!”.
  • (To Companions) “What? That’s how you talk to animals if you want them to move.”
  • (To Erin) “Don’t be insane. Acid slimes? Dead gods, Erin, what a thought! No, this one is…look, do you know what slimes are? How they’re made?”
  • (To Yvlon) “I’m a half-Elf. I used to eat leaves for breakfast. I’ve had enough of them for one lifetime, thank you.”


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