Drakes are humanoid dragons. They are descendants of them, though very distantly, as they have very little in common. Many drakes share a very strong hatred to Lizardmen, although the distinction between Lizardmen and Drakes is unclear, because no lizardmen have been shown yet in the story.

Culture Edit

Drakes like dry climate, enjoy the sun, and open spaces.[1]

They consider their tails to be private body parts, and it is considered erotic to touch a drake's tail. Erin Solstice once touched a Drake's tail, which caused him to think she was hitting on him.[2]

In addition to viewing tails romantically, they have many customs regarding their tails.

Drakes don't seem to use stick-man symbols to symbolize gender-intended restrooms. Instead of it, they use tails; a straight tail refers to the men's room, whilst a curly tail refers to the women's room.[3]

Another Drake tradition revolving around tails, is in regards to their marriage customs: proposal among drakes is done by placing a ring around the tail of the drake you wish to marry.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Like Dragons, they really love shiny objects[5]
  • Drakes usually don't consider Humans attractive, describing them as too fleshy.


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