Background Edit

The Flooded Waters Tribe is the name of the goblin tribe that is being led by Rags. They used to be the weakest tribe in the area, however since their technological developments, they absorbed any tribe that they could get their hands on. Meanwhile, the Redfang Tribe summoned many tribes to the High Passes in order to unite against the Flooded Waters tribe.

After Garen Redfang's defeat, the Flooded Waters Tribe absorbed the Redfang tribe (as well as all the tribes the Redfang had recently absorbed).

Military Strength Edit

Before it absorbed the Redfang Tribe, it had twelve Hobs, which easily can be considered the equivalent of two Silver-rank team of adventurers.

Known Members Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Garen Redfang
  • Grunter (Hobgoblin) (Deceased)
  • Rocksoup (Deceased)
  • Leftstep (Deceased)
  • Bitefly (Deceased)
  • Orangepoo (Deceased)
  • Patchhelm (Deceased)
  • Justrust (Deceased)

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