The Floodplains is the name of the area around of Liscor, which Erin's Inn is located in.

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The Floodplains is one of the only way to get from Terandis, the northern continent, to Semariss, the southern continent. This is because of the sprawling mountain-range - As a result, there are only four ways to travel across by foot: Through the High Passes, through the Floodplains and Liscor, through the western coastal cities, and through the eastern coastal cities.

Due to the danger of the High Passes, the only option for a quick journey is through Liscor; travelling along the coast lengthens the journey greatly. Unfortunately, even after one passes Liscor, there is still great danger. South of Liscor lay the Blood Fields, a dangerous place containing remnants of Az’kerash's undead army, the bloodthirsty Broken Spear goblin tribe, and other dangerous monsters.

The region contains a wide variety of life - Orchards of poisonous bluefruit, sturdy trees with explosive bark, dangerous nests of Shieldspiders, boulder-like crabs, and more.

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The Floodplains were indeed quite flat in places, but in others they had so many valleys and hills like where the Wandering Inn stood that flat ground became an illusion at best. But beyond the boundaries of Liscor, the wilderness is truly a plain, with normal coniferous trees, pines and evergreens forming large forests in between the open expanse of land.[1] To the east and the west of the Floodplains there are mountains, and to the south, the Blood Fields.

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