Flos also known as, King of Destruction, is a King, whose Kingdom is located in Chandrar. His name is known around the world, as he managed to conquer half of Chandra.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

His biggest asset are his Seven, which consist of highly skilled individuals, who each are experts in their own fields. OF these seven, only 4 remain, thus leading to an enormous decrease of Flos' kingdoms power

Classes/Levels: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Flos was 12 when he began his legendary campaign. It lasted 6 years.[1]
  • Every ten years the greatest mages meet in order to try to predict the future. One of the things they did was predicting, what calamities could befall the world. Flos, managed to reach the 8th rank of candidates, who might conquer the world. He has 30% chance depending on a number of factors.

Quotes Edit

  • (To his Kingdom) “Let this nation wake from its decade-long slumber! Let every hand grab sword and axe! Stand, all those who still remember my name! Hear me and obey! Rise!
  • (To [Kent Scott]) "Liar. And it is not twinTrouble you speak to anymore."
  • (To [Kent Scott]) "Name yourself, thief."
  • (To Gazi) “Gazi. Faithful Gazi. I beg of you; rise.”

References Edit

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