Gazers are one of the Races of the Innworld. They can mostly be found in Baleros, as they are it's original natives.

Biology and Abilities Edit

Magical Abilities Edit

Gazers are a race naturally inclined towards magic, like half-Elves and to an extent, Lizardfolk. Their magic is more chaotic than typical [Mages].[1]

Gazers can cast spells as easily as looking.[2]

Background Edit

Current information on Gazers is scarce, including physical and social characteristics. What is known, is that descended from Gazers is the population known as half-Gazers. The method of procreation to achieve this is shrouded in mystery at this time. We are unsure, that if like half-elves, the offspring of half-gazers are also half-gazers, or if a full blooded Gazer is required to produce such offspring. It is also currently unknown which species breed with either Gazers or half-Gazers and have the viable genetics.

Culture Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While Gazers are highly magical beings, they send very few representatives to Wistram, since their magic is more chaotic than typical [Mages].[1]


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