Gnolls are one of the races of the world.

Biology Edit

The gnolls is part of a humanoid race that strongly resembles a hyena.

Senses Edit

Gnoll possess an exceptional nose, making it possible for them to know when someone was in a fight, even if the person had washed themselves afterwards.

History Edit

Culture Edit

In a Gnoll Tribe, gnoll's are raised with the duties of the members often alternating, meaning that at on one day someone might be a hunter, on another perhaps a cook[1], so they earned many different classes. On one hand, having many classes and by extension many skills in complete different areas make them very flexible, on the other hand, it means that they don't excel in any of them, but make's them likely mediocre at best.

Gnolls Tribe Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Currently the only city known, which is inhabited by them is Liscor.
  • The Gnolls make out the third of the population of the southern half of Izril.[2]

References Edit

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