Goblins are a small green humanoid race.

Biology and Abilities Edit

Appearance Edit

Lifespan Edit

It is not known how long goblins live, as they all get killed before they die of old age.

Senses Edit

Goblins have good night vision.

Physical Abilities Edit

Although Goblins are considered a minor threat by most settlements of any size, when they do appear in huge numbers they are fully capable of wiping out villages, cities, and even nations.

Special Abilities Edit

Goblin Chieftain Edit

A Goblin Chieftain is essential to any tribe. Without one, the Goblins were aimless, no matter how many of them there were. A Chief could direct them, give them purpose. 

But being a Chief was more than just about leadership. It was also something that connected all Goblins. There was power in it, just as there was power in [Shamans]. Goblins gave their Chiefs and Shamans their abilities.

In a [Shaman]’s case, the more Goblins that were in the tribe, the more power their spells had. But a Chief took something different from their Goblins. They took memory.

It was something every Chief could do. They could remember things that had happened to their tribe, things that had happened years or even centuries in the past. This is extremely valuable, as Goblins remembered strategy or good places to hunt or hide. But it only worked with enough Goblins.

History Edit

During the Goblin Crusades, multiple armies of Goblins rampaged throughout the north of Issrysil and sailed across to Terandria. There were at least a hundred thousand Goblins in each army, and their king even had a million Goblins at his back, when he was defeated in the Blood Fields.

Culture Edit

Language Edit

Known Goblins Tribes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Goblins grow up fast but don't necessarily die at 30 years old. Although it's rare to see one get that old.[1]

References Edit

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