Half-Elves are the descended of the Elves, and one of the races of the world.

Biology and Abilities Edit

Appearance Edit

Half-Elves have pointed ears and unearthly complexion.

Lifespan Edit

Half-Elves can live at maximum for around 300 years.[1] Infants half-Elf grow up quickly like humans, and mature to their adult body when they are in their twenties, and from there, they grew about one year to every three a Human did. When puberty hits them, they spent ten years dealing with the worst of hormonal imbalances, uncontrolled magical outbursts and the like.[2]

Senses Edit

Half-Elves pointed ears are better than Human’s, and they can hear someone spiking in a low voice.

Special Abilities Edit

Half-Elves are more gifted at magic than any other species, and they have a great deal of internal magic in their bodies, but they don’t learn spells any faster.

They have an affinity with plants that few other species did, like knowing where to find flowers in winter, how to best plant them so they can absorb more nutrition and place them in good spots for the sun.

Due to their Elves heritage, half-Elves are partly immune to hex or bewitch, as no matter how powerful an enchantment is, it will slowly fade, as there is no spell their blood will not break in time.

Reproduction Edit

No matter how many generations pass, a half-Elf and a human will always produce a half-Elf child.

Background Edit

The last remnants of the long-lost Elves, Half-Elves are often despised and discriminated against, especially on Terandria. They were considered untrustworthy, thieves, criminals and bandits at the best of times. It was said that they lied, cast harmful magic, preyed on good, innocent folk, and they stole children out of cradles at night, even when everyone knew that last claim was false.

Half-Elves kept to their own communities, on the edges of society, and they were tolerated because they were useful and some half-Elves had valuable Skills or high levels. But they were not liked.

For reason not yet stated, Frost Faeries hate them and will torment them whenever they can.

At one time the Half-Elves ruled over most of Terandria and enslaved Humans. As a result, even now they are despised on the continent, especially by the Humans[3]

Culture Edit

A 60 years old half-Elf, is considered barely older than a teenager by their people’s standards.

Half-Elves take on the cultures of were they raised in.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ceria's grandfather, once—when everybody knew magic— all half-elves learned Tier 2 magic before they’d reached their teenage years.[4]
  • All species, mostly Humans, had this image that half-Elves are eternally happy beings who loved to frolic in flowers and hug trees, not knowing that most half-Elves don’t even like nature that much.[5]
  • Half-Elves don’t have red hair.[6]
  • For reasons not yet stated, flesh worms don't seem to regard half-Elves skin as material for their puppet of dead flesh, and will ignore them.[7]


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