The Horns of Hammerad is a Silver-ranked Adventurer group that is active on Issrysil.

Background Edit

The group was formed 2 years ago by Ceria, Gerial, Calruz, Sostrom, and Hunt.[1]

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Current Members Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Calruz of the Beriad (Deceased)
  • Gerial (Deceased)
  • Sostrom (Deceased)
  • Marian (Deceased)
  • Hunt (Deceased)
  • Terr (Deceased)
  • Coblat (Deceased)
  • Grimsore (Deceased)
  • Barr (Deceased)

Equipment Edit

  • Healing Potion - High-Grade (x1)
  • Sustenance Provide Potion - High-Grade (x1)
  • Breathing Potion - High-Grade (x2)
  • Several tiny circular, flat stones, each one enchanted to shed [Light] for twenty four hours before fading until exposed to sunlight for an equal amount of time.
  • Leather Ball; onto the ball was an angry faced stitched with a red thread. The instant the stitched face is touched with a rather strong force it contorts and emits an ear-piercing shriek. After activation, the ball is to be thrown towards the desired location. It aggressively seeks out any living creature in the nearby area, excluding those in a general radius of activation. If no quarry is found it will return.

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References Edit

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