Issrysil or Izril is the third-largest continent located south form Terandria.

Background Edit

The two names the continent is being called as are being used by different groups; Issrysil is the name used by Drakes, while Izril has seemingly been adopted by the other races. Likely due to the difficulty of pronouncing the former one.[1]

It was originally colonized by Drakes and Gnolls, who now only inhabit the northern region of the the southern half, as the southest region is inhabited by the Antinium, whilst the northern half is now occupied by humans.

The Five Families are the first humans who first settled on Issrysil.

Currently, most of the inhabitants of the lower half consists of Drakes, while nearly a third of the population down there are Gnolls. Nevertheless, other races can also be found there, for instance, a few hundred Humans, some String People, Centaurs, or even Selphids. Those are just individuals, though, and not a community. Aside from them, a good amount of Minotaurs visit frequently.[2]

Geography Edit

It is the third-largest continent, with a length of more than 8,000 miles.[3] Less than a hundred miles away from Celum, a gigantic mountain range, similar to the Himalayas, divides the continent in two. [4]

Prototype map

Izril Map, drawn by pirateaba

Locations Edit

Cities: Edit

Villages: Edit

Antinium Hives: Edit

  • Hive of the Free Antinium
  • Hive of the Armored Antinium
  • Hive of the Flying Antinium
  • Hive of the Grand Hive
  • Hive of the Quiet Antinium

Magical Dungeon and Ruins: Edit

  • Ruins of Albez
  • Liscor's Ruins
  • First Landing's Magical Dungeon
  • Liscor's Magical Dungeon
  • Geir's Ancient Dungeon

Areas: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Compared to the other continents, Issrysil is the most peaceful one.[6]


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