The Redfang Tribe, led by Garen Redfang, is by far the strongest goblin tribe in the Floodplains, located in the north. They are spread out around the entrance to the High Passes, and dominate the other tribes occupying the grasslands in that area.

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The Redfang Tribe has six Hobogoblins in their group. Unlike the Broken Spear Tribe, who managed to tame Shield Spiders, the Redfang Tribe tamed Carn Wolves.

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  • Grunter (Hobgoblin) (Deceased)
  • Bugear (Hobgoblin) (Deceased)
  • Rocksoup (Deceased)
  • Leftstep (Deceased)
  • Bitefly (Deceased)
  • Orangepoo (Deceased)
  • Patchhelm (Deceased)
  • Justrust (Deceased)

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