Skinner was a Flesh Worm, a skin stealing creature that was freed, when the Horns of Hammerad, and a few other adventurer teams were exploring the recently found dungeon in Liscor. He was ,at one point, assigned to protect the dungeon.

Appearance Edit

Skinner appears as a hulking grey mass of skin that drags itself slowly and leaves a residue of dead sloughed off skin behind it. His skin carries the general features of recent victims, making the imprints of their faces appear on his body.

Deprived of its skin shield, Skinner true appearance is that of Flesh Worm with dark red worm-like parasite with a segmented head, eyeless face with a fleshy mouth with sharp teeth and two long antennae made of flesh. Two long, whip-like tendrils followed the main body, long and thick roots of corded flesh as Skinner’s ‘hands’.On these hands are red spots that upon touching his target peels away it's skin. It has yellow, pus-like blood.

Power/Abilities Edit

Skinner has the ability to steal people's skin, ripping it from their living body, and integrates it as part of its gigantic self. Appendages can be launched from its mouth to reach out and skin nearby victims. Additionally, Skinner possessed two gems of terror that renders the vast majority of living beings paralyzed with fear when they look at him.

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