Snow Golems are a type of Golems made of enchanted snow.

Appearance Edit

Snow Golems can range in shape and size, from the classic small snowman, to a hill-sized squat, vaguely pyramidal horror with long arms, a size of two hundred and sixty feet high and wide.

Background Edit

Snow Golems can be found anywhere, during winter.

If a Giant Snow Golems finds a city or village, it would have to be slain quickly or lured away. Otherwise the city would be destroyed.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Of all the Golem species, small Snow Golems are the weakest. Even Mud Golems or Sand Golems are stronger than them. Unless they were made really ambitious, all they could do was smack you with their twig arms or throw snow mixed with ice and bits of rock. They could hit hard enough to draw blood, but they were just snow. Hardly a threat unless they smothered there opponents.

Only hill-sized ones are to be avoided at all costs. Giant Snow Golems weren’t too dangerous, unless someone happened to walk past one while it wasn’t moving. Then the Snow Golem would grab and swallow them whole. The stones, shards of ice, and crushing pressure of the Golem’s body would grind them into paste quite quickly. Even,

At a Distance though all a Giant Snow Golem could do at range was hurl part of itself at there opponents. That was a concern with such a huge one, but they had terrible aim.[2]

Weakness: Edit

To kill a Snow Golem, one has to destroy there brain, a core of beautifully white and cold snow, located in the center of there heads.[3]

Another weakness of a Snow Golem, is that they are slow and Giant Snow Golems have terrible aim

Trivia Edit

  • Although the icy brains of the Snow Golems weren’t capable of much thought, even such creatures could sense trouble and feel regret.[4]
  • In the Winter, Snow Golems could get very big very fast.
  • Snow Golems are usually one of the few monsters Goblins didn’t fear.
  • Hawk, someone who can single handedly kill Crypt Lords, is wary of Giant Snow Golems.

References Edit

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