Level Requirements Edit

Tier Level
Tier 0-1:
Tier 2:
Tier 3: Level 18 [1]
Tier 4:
Tier 5:
Tier 6:
Tier 7:
Tier 8:
Tier 9:

However, lower-level mages can cast higher Tier magic with enough practice and time.[2]

Leveling Edit

[Mages] can level by solely casting spells, but it is not very efficient[3]. Unlinke studying spells, which allows a mage to gain a lot more experience, making it far more likely to level up using that method. [4]

Tier 0 Edit

Spell Caster
[Light] Pisces/Ceria/Ryoka/Rags
[Flashbang] Ryoka
[Flashlight] Ryoka
[Noise] Ryoka
[Water Spray]

Tier 1 Edit

Spell Caster
[Electric Jolt]
[Frozen Wind] Ceria/Pices/Teriarch

Tier 2 Edit

Spell Caster
[Call Object] Teriarch
[Chameleon] Ceria
[Create Snow] Teriarch
[Flame Jet] Ceria/Teriarch
[Flash] Teriarch
[Ice Shard] (a derivative spell from [Ice Spike]) Ceria
[Illumination] Ceria
[Mud Slap] Teriarch
[Snowball] Teriarch
[Stone Dart] Ceria/Teriarch
[Tripgrass] Teriarch

Tier 3: Edit

Spell Caster
[Detect Magic] Ceria/Pisces
[Flaming Swathe]
[Ice Spike] Ceria
[Icy Floor] Ceria
[Shock Volt] Pisces

Tier 4: Edit

Spell Caster
[Call Lightning]
[Restoration] Teriach
[Ice Lance] Illphres
[Invisibility] Pisces

Tier 5: Edit

Tier 6: Edit

Spell Caster
[Storm Keep] Amerys

Unknown Tier: Edit

Spells Caster
[Air Volt] Seric
[Amplify Sound] Lir
[Animate Dead] Pisces
[Barrier of Air]
[Barrier of the Winds]
[Burning Lightning] Xrn
[Charm] Gazi
[Cleansing Wind]
[Contained Sound]
[Create Water]
[Detect Life]
[Detect Truth]
[Earth Cannon]
[Entangling Vines] Moore
[Far Chat]
[Far Speaking]
[Farsight] Teriach
[Fear of the Mighty] Xrn
[Featherfall] Xrn
[Fire Wall]
[Firefly] Pisces/Rags
[Flame Arrow] Pisces/Mon
[Flame Rapier] Pisces
[Flame Snake]
[Flare Orb]
[Flashfire] Ceria
[Flash Foot] Jurix
[Flash Step] Pisces
[Flight] Amerys
[Fortress of the Ice Queen] Illphres
[Frost Arrows] Ceria
[Frozen Shield]
[Glacial Spear] Ceria
[Grand Fireball]
[Greater Geas] Teriach
[Haste] (Tier 4 or 5)[5]
[Ice Dart] Ceria
[Ice Wall] Illphres
[Icy Grasp] Ceria
[Icy Shard] Ceria
[Invisible Arrow]
[Invisibility Field]
[Lesser Barrier] (Tier 1 or 2)
[Lesser Resistance to Ice] Ceria
[Lesser Teleportation]
[Lesser Twister]
[Lightning Jolt] Pisces
[Mend] Teriach
[Mind Scene]
[Mud Ball]
[Muddy Ground]
[Muffle] Lir
[Numb] Peminac
[Open Portal] Teriach
[Platform of Air] Typhenous
[Protection from Arrows]
[Raise Skeleton] Pisces
[Raise Dead] Pisces
[Ray of Frost] Ceria
[Reconstruct] Teriarch
[Repair] Pisces/Ceria/Teriarch
[Repulsion Barrier] Anith
[Sanctuary of Light] (Tier 1 or 2)
[Scrying] Teriarch
[Shadow Scythe]
[Seeking Arrows] Anith
[Silent Sickle] Az'kerash
[Silence] Teriarch
[Slippery Floor]
[Sticky Ground] Sostrom
[Sticky Webbing] Az'kerash, Typhenous
[Stone Fist]
[Snowy Blast]
[Teleportation] Teriarch
[Thorny Fist] Moore
[Translate] Ceria
[Tremor Impact] Jurix
[Wall of Flames] Lir
[Wall of Ice] Illphres
[Ward of Repulsion] Goblin Lord
[Ward of Safety] (Tier 1 or 2)
[Water Arrow]
[Water Resistance]
[Whirlwind Leap] Jurix

Trivia Edit

  • According to Pisces, there are seven, or eight tiers. Apparently there is the speculation of the ninth tier , but no mage has ever cast or discovered a spell of such magic.[6]
  • There are currently 6 known archmages, "the rarest of spellcasters". "One in the Human lands to the north. Two more in other continents. But at least three have homes in Wistram, the Isle of Mages.” However, none can be found in Izril.[7]
  • “You fly through the air like the greatest of [Archmages] I am told. And you build buildings into the sky.”[8] This implies that [Fly] is a highly difficult spell, perhaps belonging to the 7th or an even higher Tier .
  • “Long distance teleportations usually require a spell circle and time. If a person teleports instantly, it means that they haven't travelled very far, and are going to appear at a prearranged destination, making it rather easy to locate them.[9]


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