Teresa Atwood was, with her twin brother, Trey, teleported from England to the other world. Both of them landed directly inside of the throne room of Flos, the King of Destruction.

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Like her brother, Trey, Teresa has moderately dark blonde hair, fair skin, and a height of 5’10. However, despite their striking similarities they are not identical twins, at least genetically.[1]

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  • She prefers being called Teres.
  • When she was still a child, Teresa and her borthe invented a secret language.
  • Teres likes to draw and read.
  • She, like her brother, can play sports fairly well, as a result, Teres was popular in team sports since she could keep up with her brother.
  • Neither she nor her borther likes cricket, and they both prefer to leave jams in the fridge, way in the back where they could rot forever. They both like movies, and music, and normal things, and both agree that the other world is terrifyingly scary.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Flos) “No matter what you say, we won’t change our minds, you—you bloody twit!

References Edit

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