The Queen, is the title of the ruler of the Antinium hive in Liscor.

Appearance Edit

She isn't like her subjects who look vaguely humanoid. The Queen appears completely insectile. She has wide, faceted eyes that glow with dim orange-red light

Personality Edit

Bio Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Queen] Lv. ?
  • [Tactician] Lv. ?


  • (To Erin) “Klbkchhzeim said that? Then he is a fool as well as failure. We Antinium are not free.”
  • (To Klbkch) “The fact that it is her, a single human who has achieved the dream of the Antinium bothers me deeply, Klbkchhezeim. Why her? Why now? Why, after so long does it appear to be so simple?”
  • (To Klbkch) “Why does the world turn upon one small human? What makes her unique!?”
  • (To Klbkch) “…Are you quite sure she has no more of those acid flies?”
  • (To Klbkch) “She cannot have you. The Grand Queen will not take you from me, Klbkch. My Slayer.”
  • (To Klbkch) “Ah, Klbkch. You say that, but…do you regret it? Do you regret that we fled while the others stayed and fought? Do you think we wasted the lives of your brothers and sisters, that we have failed in the long years since arriving here?”

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