The Walled Cities are city-state’s located at the southern part of Issrysil.

Background and Layout Edit

The Walled Cities are super-cities (the size of Chicago), but surrounded by three-hundred foot walls. The Walls are enchanted with magic that hardens the stone and even allows it to repair itself given time.

The magical enchantments radiating out from the walls, fortify the ground around the Walled Cities making them impenetrable by conventional tools or equipment. Even the Antinium Workers are incapable of digging the ground, as all attempts left their limbs broken and their digits were bloody and raw.

Given the massive stockpiles each Walled City maintains and their ability to grow, produce and even herd animals within their massive confines, it would take years to wear down on supplies.

Government Edit

Walled Cities are not all ruled by the same methods of government. Some espouse an elected official, while others are managed by a body of powerful individuals or, in some cases, a hereditary leader.[1]

Known Walled Cities Edit

  • Zeres

Trivia Edit

  • Although no army has ever taken a Walled City by siege, several coups and betrayals from within have been the only way for the famed cities to fall over the millennia.
  • Walled Cities origin dates past recorded history.
  • The nobility of the Walled Cities, will always hire high-level [Chef] with the [Expert Cooking] skill.[2]

References Edit

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