Wistram Academy is an institute that focuses on teaching magic.

Background Edit

The academy has existed for at least 200 years.[1]

During Wistram's construction a variety of architects had been employed, each implementing their own style. As a result, one would rarely come across a room designed in the same way. That also extends to the security of said rooms; while some have traditional, non-magical locks, requiring a stone key to unlock, others need the occupier to speak their names into it.[2]

Most manual work is being done by constructs, such as Golems.

Rules Edit

  • 1.You must never venture into the high parts of the castle or the lower reaches unaccompanied and even then, only with great cause. Dangers lurk within Wistram, ancient magics and spells and creatures called here and never destroyed. Too, the very enchantments keeping this citadel intact sometimes fray. Only a mage with true power is allowed into such places.

  • 2.Some of the Golems here were made as I am, but most lack any form of intelligence and simply obey orders. Do not attack or obstruct them in any way or they may react unpredictably.

  • 3. Anyone attempting to cast area-wide magics must first consult with I or an experienced mage. Unpredictable results may occur if a spell affects a wide area of the academy at once.

(Rules stated to initiates by Cognita)[3]

There are more rules students have to follow during their stay. However, Cognita only cares about the rules that were relevant around 200+ years ago, when she was first created. As a result, she wouldn't care, for instance, students killing one another, which would now be prohibited.

Curriculum Edit

6th year

  • Golem creation, scroll scribing, trap spells and enchantments and other lessons.(However, if a student is talented enough he can get those lessons much earlier)[4]

Most magic-based Classes require the [Mage] to be Level 10; a lot of them even need the person too be Level 20. That’s the reason why most classes in Wistram just teach the basics early on— the teachers wait for the students to have a high [Mage] level before they attempt to specialize them.

Old books left behind by students are being collected and given to new students. However, before they are being handed out to them they are being carefully inspected to make sure they don't contain any powerful spells. As a result, one will never find anything beyond a Tier 2 spell in said spellbooks. The more useful books are only available when one rises in status. That's not to say that it's impossible to gain access to said books without having first gained a powerful position. A few of such high quality books can be found in the libraries. Unfortunately, the exact location of them is viewed as one of the biggest secrets in Wistram, making it very unlikely for one to actually find them. Moreover, even with the knowledge of its position, it might still remain inaccessible as the tomes could be heavily protected.[5]

Economy Edit

The most valuable currency on Wistram is not gold as it is the case for most nations, but secrets, meaning it uses a bartering system. If one desires something — be it a spell, perhaps one no one's heard of, locations of buried treasures, unique classes, a favor, or even another secret, one has to pay for them by revealing a secret; one that equals the worth of what one desires.

However, those secrets are mostly not unique information nobody else has heard of, but more general knowledge.[6]

Factions Edit

Wistram isn't one united place, but is divided into different factions. The entering of one faction isn't being announced publicly but kept a strict secret. Although joining a faction isn't mandatory, many do it nonetheless as only strong mages can survive in Wistram by themselves. Not being able to ensure one's own safety might result in one's enslavement.

Each faction has a different vision as to which path the school should take. Only 2 factions, the Expansionists and the Revivalist, are interested in new students. Others, like the Isolationists, would prefer to stop accepting new ones altogether with the hope of making aspiring mages find their way to the school. Even though most don't care about the students, one way or another they contribute in some way.

While it isn't necessary to join a faction, depending on your importance the factions might pressure you into joining them.[7]

Known Factions: Edit

Members Edit

Known Teachers Edit

Former Teachers Edit

  • Tshya (Deceased)

Known Students Edit

Former Students Edit

  • Ceria (Expelled)
  • Pisces (Expelled)
  • Nemistra Verdinan (Deceased)

Trivia Edit

  • One has to pay 20 gold coins to attending Wistram Academy for a month.
  • At least 3 archmages currently are affiliated with Wistram. However, they don't tend to live exclusively there but prefer to travel often. Their absence is limited, though, as in just one month, at least, one of them is likely going to be found in Wistram. [8]
  • Golems and the best [Chefs] are responsible for the cooking. What food remains will be preserved for another day.[9]
  • The Wistram mages are the only known group in the world, whose spells can reach acroos the world.[10]
  • Only a few people actually end their studies and leave. Usually, they consist of adventurers. Some of them don't like being told that the magic they had practiced for years is inefficient; among those are even Gold-rank adventurers who are too prideful to accept that.[11]


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